7 Reasons why you smack your child.

7 reasons why you smack your child.

There are underlying reasons why you smack, spanks, hits, beats, slaps your children. You can call it any name, the intention behind it all is to inflict pain and to find a quick fix to parenting problems. Smacking is physically violent and research has shown that it does not modify behaviour. Your smacking causes pains, unhappiness, low self-esteem, hyperactivity, anxiety and anger to your children. It contributes to mental health problems later in life. No one doubts the fact that you love your children dearly, but, your smacking only pushes your love for them into animalistic brutalises. How can you justify correcting inappropriate behaviour by doing something equally inappropriate?

Physical punishment teaches children that it is alright to transfer your anger on other people, spanking leaves permanent marks on children. Human brains work in a strange way, you might love your child and gives him or her cuddles and kisses millions of times a day, but, most children’s brains will retain and save the spanking and smacking episodes permanently. Continue reading “7 Reasons why you smack your child.”

10 Habits to ditch as an adult and what to do about them

Of course, age is nothing, but, a bunch of numbers. However, I am such you will agree with me that there are expectations that come with age. Everyone expect a certain degree of sensibility when dealing with people in every spare of life. It is not sufficient to just age with grace or be wrinkle free at a certain age, there are more to maturity, there are more to experiences and there are more to the title “adult”.

Below are some of the habits that are not worthy of praises. There are few suggestions on how to ditch some of them or professional help available. Continue reading “10 Habits to ditch as an adult and what to do about them”