Sun-dried tomato Oatmeal Loaf

I tried this recipe during the summer holiday. I was not expecting anything out of this recipe and I was surprised with what it turned out to be. If you ever wondered what to do with your oats sitting down gathering dust, this recipe is worth trying.

It is worth knowing that the oat loaf would not behave like bread due to lack of yeast and gluten. In order words, it would not rise as much as bread. This is a gluten-free recipe. Continue reading “Sun-dried tomato Oatmeal Loaf”

The Fat Burning Tea you truly need.

I have met different people in my life. Some tall. Some short. People with great taste, ideas and personalities. These people are of different colours and denominations. Each individual I met are different, yet very common. The difference is in our ways of life, what we eat and how we socialise. The manners at which we use herbs, leaves, flowers and spice around us.

However, despite our differences, we have something in common. Take, for instance, tea. Tea, good old tea bridge the gap. We all infuse and ingest.

Tea has been around for centuries. Historians believe tea originated from China and through the Chinese, it was spread all over the globe.  I am not keen on how tea travelled to Europe. I am interested in tea. The pleasure tea gives. The social status and the healing powers in leaves turn-herbal tea fascinate me.

I grew up amongst adult using tea as a means of entertainment. I shared tea with friends and family. Learning how to make a good cup of tea settled in naturally. There was no formal lesson. It was a natural thing to do.

As an adult, I was drawn into the world of tea. Not the tea as you know it. The healing aspect of tea. The part of tea that nurtures and cares. The types that give that extra help when you need it. I love nature and its beauty and the mysteries that surround its beauty. Continue reading “The Fat Burning Tea you truly need.”

My High Protein Picnic Pie.

This summer holiday saw me having picnics with friends and family. We visited my parks and enjoyed the sunshine to its fullest. It was fun preparing for the picnics. Planning on what food to pack was what I looked forward to. We tried many foods worthy, but, of all the foods we experimented with PICNIC PIE topped the list.

I love everything about this pie, from sourcing for the ingredients to its simplicity and the full flavour. This for sure is the food I am including to the family menu. It is easy to make. It is delicious and it keeps in the refrigerator for few days without any worries.

Another amazing fact of PICNIC PIE is the fact that it’s full of protein and it is filling. It is also exciting to know that it is great to share with friends and family.

Continue reading “My High Protein Picnic Pie.”

Living life on the edge.

It was a few months after I finished my university education. I was young and ready to face any challenge. As part of the rudiments, I was posted to a country side where life was a little bit slower. Life was very different to what I was used to. Transportation was one of the huge problems.  I spoke a different language from what people in this community spoke. I dressed differently and the food was an adventure.

With my new found freedom and the opportunity presented before me, I got lost in my new found world. I threw myself into the community service, working with people and helping others. It felt good to be appreciated. To be seen and to be respected. I was part of the advisory committee and being young and fresh from university my knowledge and expertise seemed unique enough to guide the decision of the elders of the community. It was right enough to augment the basic understanding of the board of elders. Continue reading “Living life on the edge.”

Facing My Fear

There was an epidemic of chicken pox when I was about 10. Everyone in my community was infected. I had it bad during that summer holiday and by the beginning of a new school year, I was covered in scars. It was easy to see the damage the chicken pox did to my skin. Everyone could see and I attracted a lot of unnecessary attention.

The attention I attracted had a huge impact on my life. Among the children in my class were a set of twins. One was a girl and the other one was a boy. For reasons I did not understand, these twins felt it was alright to taunt me due to the spots on my skin.

The girl twin was a very strong character. The brother on the other hand really didn’t do much, but, copy his sister. They didn’t look anything alike and could be pass as total strangers.

The twins found it funny that I was covered in spots and scars and soon this turned to teasing. I was picked upon. Soon it turned to full blown bullying. Everywhere I went the twins were there to challenge me. I was nicknamed “the spotty one” by the twins and soon my real name was temporarily forgotten. I was pushed to a breaking point. The twin used all avenues and their strength to torment me. Continue reading “Facing My Fear”

Healthy High Protein Meatballs in Tomato and Pepper Sauce

Protein is essential to human body. It has been proven that eating high- protein diet has loads of health benefit. Protein not only helps maintain a healthy weight, food rich in protein also aids weight loss. Protein also plays an important role in learning and concentration. It is part of protein’s job to stabilise blood sugar level while supporting muscles and bones.

Meatballs have been around for long. It is easy to make and delicious to eat. It is one of those foods which can be easily adapted. You can play around using different vegetables and herbs. I used tomatoes and sprouted grains along with other ingredients.

Meatballs dish is a healthy dish to include as part of your weight loss diet. To make my simple healthy high-protein meatballs in tomato sauce you will need the following. Continue reading “Healthy High Protein Meatballs in Tomato and Pepper Sauce”

Healthy High Protein Meatza.

Eating healthy does not need to cost the earth. This recipe is easy to make and healthy. It is a cross between meat and pizza. This is a high-protein dish. It is also delicious and consuming high protein has been proven to help the body metabolism.

Making this recipe is fun and you can decide what topping goes on your meatza. I opted for bell pepper using all the three colours available. I love peppers, so let your love show through the toppings you choose to use. Continue reading “Healthy High Protein Meatza.”

Home-Made Oat and Honey Exfoliate for Acne and Blemishes

Everyone knows the power of honey and the nourishment oatmeal provides for the skin. The combination of oatmeal and honey does more than magic in healing the skin and repairing the damages. Oat is gentle on the skin and has a gentle way of exfoliating all skin types. It is not aggressive. Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. The properties in both honey and oatmeal help heal the skin and cure skin conditions such as acne. Continue reading “Home-Made Oat and Honey Exfoliate for Acne and Blemishes”

The Causes of Belly Fat


Having belly fat is not only unflattering, it is unhealthy. Excessive belly fat has been associated with many diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and much more. Belly fat is a pointer to unhealthiness. Anyone with excessive belly fat has an increased risk of health-related problems.

Belly fat is also known as visceral fat and this fat surrounds the internal organs such as liver and vital organs.

Here are few of what causes belly fat

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is important to health. Not having enough sleep can lead to weight gain. People who sleep less than 5 hours daily have more chance of gaining weight than those who sleep 7/8 hours daily. Sleep disorder may also cause belly fat. So to reduce your belly fat, you need your beauty-sleep. Continue reading “The Causes of Belly Fat”