How to make Anti-Aging Herbal Facial Steam

Anti-Aging Facial Steaming with dried flowers and herbs

Herbal facial steam is a special way to pamper and cure the skin around the face. It is very easy to do and it saves a lot of money spent on cream and other beauty products. This spa treatment does not require any special knowledge and it can easily be done without any expertise.

Herbal facial stream cures acne, blackspots and other facial problems. It softens and rejuvenates the skin. Facial steaming helps reduce puffiness, eye infection and nasal congestion. It removes dirt and grime; it also deep cleanses and purifies. Continue reading “How to make Anti-Aging Herbal Facial Steam”

Home-Made Oat and Honey Exfoliate for Acne and Blemishes

Everyone knows the power of honey and the nourishment oatmeal provides for the skin. The combination of oatmeal and honey does more than magic in healing the skin and repairing the damages. Oat is gentle on the skin and has a gentle way of exfoliating all skin types. It is not aggressive. Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. The properties in both honey and oatmeal help heal the skin and cure skin conditions such as acne. Continue reading “Home-Made Oat and Honey Exfoliate for Acne and Blemishes”

How to Make Bath Tea to Relief Stress and induce sleep

Many people know the benefit of herbal tea, but, few people know something about bath tea. Just like the name suggests, bath tea is a herbal bath. Bathing with herbs and natural salts help in many ways. It is a good way to relax and de-stress, it helps to soothe aching joints and muscles. Bath tea helps the circulation of the blood and stimulation of the body.

Bath tea made the right way enhances the natural healing and soothing, the healing properties of all ingredients help relieve stress and help with calmness. Continue reading “How to Make Bath Tea to Relief Stress and induce sleep”

How to make Homemade Vapour Rub.

 Vapour rub is known to cure congestion. It is good for cold, pains and stuffiness. It reduces coughs and eases headaches.However, the shop-bought vapour rub contains nothing, but, the waste product of petroleum and unnatural nasties.

Making homemade vapour rub is not only good, it is free from chemicals and residues.It is what you put in that makes all the difference. Using natural oils, wax and essential oils cannot be compared with waste product sticky jelly only fit for dumping ground. Continue reading “How to make Homemade Vapour Rub.”

How to infuse oil for skin and hair care.

Infused oil has been around for years. It is a simple way to care for your skin and hair growth. Infused oil simply means mixture of herbs or flowers with oil. There are great numbers of natural oils and herbs to choose from just like there are different methods of oil infusion.

To infuse your oil, you first need to decide on the method to use.  I used solar energy to infuse my oil and here is what I did. This is simply the use of the sun to naturally infuse oil.

First, you need to decide on the herbs to use same goes with the natural oils. You can use any natural oil, but, make sure you use oils that have  longer  shelf-life. Continue reading “How to infuse oil for skin and hair care.”

Homemade Rejuvenating Facial Mask.

Taking some time to relax in our busy lifestyle can be difficult. The hustling of our time can take its toll on our skin. Using clay mask help clear your skin and relaxes you. Clay mask absorbs impurities from the skin. It has reviving and antiseptic properties. Facial clay mask helps to replace lost moisture and remove excess oil from the skin.Homemade clay mask improves blood flow which helps with rejuvenating your skin leaving it soft and smooth.

I used bentonite clay due to its high mineral content which helps remove toxins from the skin. I also added Moringa powder to my clay, I dried some moringa leaves and ground it to powder consistency.

Moringa leaves contain vitamins, calcium, magnesium and minerals just to mention a few of its benefits. It also helps with stimulation of the skin. I will advise you to do a bit of research on benefits of using moringa leaves. It is indeed an amazing tree. You can decide to use water while mixing your clay into smooth paste, however, it is worth knowing that I used rose water to mix mine. Some people prefer using glycerin for their mixtures. It is always good to research any product before applying on your skin. Always do a skin patch test before making a decision to use any skin product, even if you made it yourself. Continue reading “Homemade Rejuvenating Facial Mask.”

How to make anti-aging sugar body scrub

Sugar scrub is very easy to make and it is an effective way to exfoliate. Sugar scrubs remove impurities from the skin and clear the pores from clogging up. Homemade sugar scrub can be used as part of your beauty regimen. Using sugar scrub is the easiest way to exfoliate,soften and freshen up.As well as soften the skin,sugar scrubs also prevent the skin from dryness,it is safe to use on any skin type and children can also benefit from it’s usage.

Homemade sugar scrub can reverse early  signs of aging and removes damaged and dead cells from the skin, it cures and also prevent skin blemishes, acne,blackheads and whiteheads. 

Homemade sugar scrub soften tough skin and it is particularly good for dark elbows,kneel and ankles as the sugar  lighten dark skin areas, it is very good for cracked heels and calloused. Continue reading “How to make anti-aging sugar body scrub”

How to make anti-aging body butter.



I started making my body cream about 3 years ago, I was tired of not knowing what goes on my skin. As always, I wanted few ingredients that really do what it says on the tin but finding this was not easy. Our skin is the largest  organ of our body and it deserves better treatment. Chemical residues, emissions, and impurities do more harm than good to the whole system. Whatever we put on our skin finds its way into our bloodstream. My philosophy when I started making my body butter was that if I cannot control what I breathe in, I should have a bit of control on what goes into my bloodstream. Moreover, it is fun whipping up and experimenting with different natural oil and butter. There are so many oil and butter to choose from. Natural butter includes cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, kukui butter, jojoba butter etc. However, natural oils are more popular and they include coconut oil, almond oil, peach kernel oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, blackseed oil and so on. It is a good rule to research any oil before deciding on which to use.

In my body butter, I used argan oil, mango butter, shea butter, peach kernel oil and black seed oil with drops lemon essential oil. I chose these oils because of their goodness. Argan oil is not only a good moisturiser, it gives a visible glow and reduces wrinkles. Argan oil restores the elasticity of the skin and fights premature ageing. It is great for hair, it soothes, protects and heals. Shea butter and mango butter are great for skin as well while black seed oil seals up the goodness. Continue reading “How to make anti-aging body butter.”