10 things your kids will always remember.

My childhood experience remains the best part of growing up. I relate a lot to this chapter of my life. It was filled with laughter, exploration, creativity, imagination and pure childhood innocence.

As a growing child, I never knew I was picking up important tools for the future. Tools that strengthen the foundation of growth, nurture and love. Tools that strengthen the bond between childhood and adulthood and everything in-between.

In our busy and modern world, we often forget the importance of growth, the necessary tools needed to help our children grow, not just physical growth, but, the emotional and spiritual growth. The link between the past and the future.

Here are few things your children will always remember as they climb the ladder of growth. Continue reading “10 things your kids will always remember.”

The Crawling Old Man

I counted in seconds as the clock tick away. It was the end of the day’s work. A time to leave my monotonous routine until the next day. I hurriedly logged myself out, making sure I did not leave anything behind, I scanned through my workstation and dashed out of the office while saying the usual “See you in the morning”.

I half-walked, half-ran to the car. It takes 10 minutes to walk to where I parked my battered car and another 10 minutes to drive to my child’s school before finally heading home where more chores are waiting. This is my life.

However, on this day as I walked to my car, I noticed an old man about 6 foot tall, probably in his 80 ahead of me. In no time at all, I caught up with him. Something came to mind as I glanced back at him. He was in no rush to catch up with me. Continue reading “The Crawling Old Man”

10 Simple Ways to Develop Self Love

It is easier to get lost in the world without any emotion to self. Self-love is not selfish. Falling in love with yourself makes it easy to care for everything else around you. Practicing self-love unleashes your true potential, you develop the gift the world demands from you. True self-love transform lives. Self-love is not cowardice rather, it is an element which holds it all, it is a connection to all other emotions. Continue reading “10 Simple Ways to Develop Self Love”

54 encouraging words to say to your child.

Parenting can be daunting. The burden of looking after another human can have effects on our relationship with the children. Parents sometimes forget how precious their children are and in the moment of anger and frustrations, we tend to lash out without meaning to.

It has been proven that positive words have lasting effects in shaping children’s future. Expressing how you feel should not be when your child makes you proud, good words and positivity should be part of parenting.

Here are some encouraging words to say to your child daily. Continue reading “54 encouraging words to say to your child.”

Life as my little girl sees it.

“We only live once”, this was what my little girl said as I turned to the road leading to her school. I concentrated on the road ahead in time to recover from the shock of her utterance. As I dropped her off at school that day and kissed her goodbye, I thought of what she said before rushing off to begin my daily monotonous routines.

I have heard this short phrase many times, I sometimes used it when talking to people, but, I never pondered on it until my 11 years old explained its meaning.

Sometimes, I express myself openly and some other times, I crawl backwards. I, however, found myself sinking into myself and shunning the world around me as my commitments and responsibilities expand. With the vigorous effects of life’s ups and downs, I have locked myself in unending spiralling vicious circles.

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Once upon a time in my nice life.

 I was the nice quiet girl in the classroom, I was the nice lady in the office who never argue with anyone, I was that person whose voice couldn’t be heard. The nice one whose rights could be tramp upon. The nice one to whom all the chores could be passed on to. Someone nice enough not to utter a word, despite the inconveniences.

I was once the nice person whose feelings were hurt, the one who was afraid to say how people made her feel, the nice one who traded her ideas all in the name of being nice. The one with the great idea, but, too shy to voice it out. Too afraid to be seen as a showoff. The one who received the look and walked away quietly. Too nice to look back, silently bearing it all. Continue reading “Once upon a time in my nice life.”

When I failed and failed again.

I am very sensitive by nature and my sensitivity reflects in every chapter of my life. My failures were not exempted. To me, failure was an hinderance. An obstruction to success. You see, I grew up having my future all spread out ahead of me.

My early year’s education was easy, with the innocence of a child, I climbed the steps without thinking much of it. High school was easy as well, despite peer pressure and hunger, the journey was smooth. Poverty played a big role among other hiccups, however, the determination to succeed was never waiver.

I explored all possibilities and having people who believed in me around, I exceeded expectations. I had it all planned. My life was going to be easy, problem-free and better than the people I see around. I planned to excel at everything. Continue reading “When I failed and failed again.”

Living life on the edge.

It was a few months after I finished my university education. I was young and ready to face any challenge. As part of the rudiments, I was posted to a country side where life was a little bit slower. Life was very different to what I was used to. Transportation was one of the huge problems.  I spoke a different language from what people in this community spoke. I dressed differently and the food was an adventure.

With my new found freedom and the opportunity presented before me, I got lost in my new found world. I threw myself into the community service, working with people and helping others. It felt good to be appreciated. To be seen and to be respected. I was part of the advisory committee and being young and fresh from university my knowledge and expertise seemed unique enough to guide the decision of the elders of the community. It was right enough to augment the basic understanding of the board of elders. Continue reading “Living life on the edge.”

Facing My Fear

There was an epidemic of chicken pox when I was about 10. Everyone in my community was infected. I had it bad during that summer holiday and by the beginning of a new school year, I was covered in scars. It was easy to see the damage the chicken pox did to my skin. Everyone could see and I attracted a lot of unnecessary attention.

The attention I attracted had a huge impact on my life. Among the children in my class were a set of twins. One was a girl and the other one was a boy. For reasons I did not understand, these twins felt it was alright to taunt me due to the spots on my skin.

The girl twin was a very strong character. The brother on the other hand really didn’t do much, but, copy his sister. They didn’t look anything alike and could be pass as total strangers.

The twins found it funny that I was covered in spots and scars and soon this turned to teasing. I was picked upon. Soon it turned to full blown bullying. Everywhere I went the twins were there to challenge me. I was nicknamed “the spotty one” by the twins and soon my real name was temporarily forgotten. I was pushed to a breaking point. The twin used all avenues and their strength to torment me. Continue reading “Facing My Fear”

What to do during summer holiday when you have nothing Planned.

Yippie !!! Long summer holiday is upon us. The children are home and the long awaited holiday is eventually here. Keeping the children happy is very important. Here are few tips on how to tackle those long boring days when there is virtually nothing to do.

  1. Summer Cleaning: Cleaning and sorting out the house with the children is very important. Give your child a task for the holiday. Make a rota on who does what.  It might be the simplest task, but, every little help. Think of tasks such as cutlery-sorting, shoe arrangement, litter picking etc.
  2. Healthy Competition: Competition between siblings can be fun if well planned. Think about food seasoning competition. This game involves you providing food sample and different herbs/seasoning. Asking each child to season his or her food using the herbs. I once used fish for this competition and I asked my children to choose and season their fish. After cooking, we all had a tasting test, the winner was decided and the children enjoyed their seasoned food. It is a simple way to introduce a new food to the family.
  3. Consult your child and ask for his or her opinions. Children do have amazing advice.
  4. Star Gazing: On days when the sky is clear. Get your children out, spread a blanket, lay down and stare at the sky. Talk about the moon and the stars. Talk about the planets. This activity is just beautiful.
  5. Fruits/Flower Picking: My children love this activity. If you look very well, there are trees bearing free fruits and flowers that no one needs. Go out, pick a mixture of fruits and have fun sharing.
  6. Giving out: The truth about giving is the satisfaction and contentment you get in return. Summer holiday is the time to sort out old toys, books, clothes and shoes. Get the children involved. Let them decide what to give out and what they still need. Give to out to charity. Give to friends and family. Just give out.
  7. Rain Gauge: I loved running around in the rain when I was a child. Giving your child a container to measure rainwater whenever it rains is a fun thing to do. Make it fun and measure after it stops raining.
  8. Chalking: Who doesn’t like to make a mark? Colourful chalks do the tricks with children of primary school age.
  9. Canvas Painting:  Painting can be very fun. Canvas painting is even more enjoyable as it’s easy to just hang, it also adds a professional touch to all art works. Enjoy painting together with your child. Use a variety of colours. Talk about what you are doing.
  10. Tell Old Tales: Tell your child stories you heard when little. My children love to listen to the tales of my younger years. I am sure yours will love your stories too.
  11. Meal Planning: Give your child the power to plan the family meal for a week. It is fun and it encourages critical thinking.
  12. Feed the birds: Don’t throw away your old bread crumbs. Take the children out and feed the birds. It is satisfying!!!
  13. Write a Letter: Write letters to family members living abroad.  Encourage your child to write then walk down to the post office together. This is educational. It is great.
  14. Kick bad habit: Summer holiday is the time to kick the bad habit. It is time to talk about it and to apply a measure that works.
  15. Pay a visit to the Dentist /Optician: A visit to the dentist and Optician might be all you need to prevent future problems.
  16. Be a Tourist of your Community: When was the last time you tour your immediate environment? I am guilty of this and I am willing to take a tour. Be my guest. Rediscover your community.
  17. Play card games and ball games. Run around in the park. Have lunch in your garden.  Sleep under the moonlight. Learn a skill.
  18. Plant a seed and watch it germinate. Have fun exploring. Visit lost friends and family.
  19. Check on your neighbours. Share the food you prepare with your child.
  20. Enjoy this summer holiday together!!!