My one-pot chicken and rice dish

One of the foods I  often cook is rice. My One-Pot Chicken and Rice dish is one of the easiest. It is easy to cook and just anything could be added. I used loads of peppers. Peppers are known for their abundance of vitamin C.

Peppers have Vitamin B6 and folates. Red peppers have been praised for aiding night vision. Red peppers have loads of antioxidants. To top it all, red peppers help in burning more calories.

Apart from red peppers, I used onions, chilli, mixed herbs and chicken of course. Just like I said earlier, this recipe is easily adaptable, it is what you make of it.

To make my one-pot chicken and rice dish here’s what you will need. Continue reading “My one-pot chicken and rice dish”

Sun-dried tomato Oatmeal Loaf

I tried this recipe during the summer holiday. I was not expecting anything out of this recipe and I was surprised with what it turned out to be. If you ever wondered what to do with your oats sitting down gathering dust, this recipe is worth trying.

It is worth knowing that the oat loaf would not behave like bread due to lack of yeast and gluten. In order words, it would not rise as much as bread. This is a gluten-free recipe. Continue reading “Sun-dried tomato Oatmeal Loaf”

The Fat Burning Tea you truly need.

I have met different people in my life. Some tall. Some short. People with great taste, ideas and personalities. These people are of different colours and denominations. Each individual I met are different, yet very common. The difference is in our ways of life, what we eat and how we socialise. The manners at which we use herbs, leaves, flowers and spice around us.

However, despite our differences, we have something in common. Take, for instance, tea. Tea, good old tea bridge the gap. We all infuse and ingest.

Tea has been around for centuries. Historians believe tea originated from China and through the Chinese, it was spread all over the globe.  I am not keen on how tea travelled to Europe. I am interested in tea. The pleasure tea gives. The social status and the healing powers in leaves turn-herbal tea fascinate me.

I grew up amongst adult using tea as a means of entertainment. I shared tea with friends and family. Learning how to make a good cup of tea settled in naturally. There was no formal lesson. It was a natural thing to do.

As an adult, I was drawn into the world of tea. Not the tea as you know it. The healing aspect of tea. The part of tea that nurtures and cares. The types that give that extra help when you need it. I love nature and its beauty and the mysteries that surround its beauty. Continue reading “The Fat Burning Tea you truly need.”

The Causes of Belly Fat


Having belly fat is not only unflattering, it is unhealthy. Excessive belly fat has been associated with many diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and much more. Belly fat is a pointer to unhealthiness. Anyone with excessive belly fat has an increased risk of health-related problems.

Belly fat is also known as visceral fat and this fat surrounds the internal organs such as liver and vital organs.

Here are few of what causes belly fat

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is important to health. Not having enough sleep can lead to weight gain. People who sleep less than 5 hours daily have more chance of gaining weight than those who sleep 7/8 hours daily. Sleep disorder may also cause belly fat. So to reduce your belly fat, you need your beauty-sleep. Continue reading “The Causes of Belly Fat”

10 Things you do that make you fat without you knowing.

There are ways you are making yourself fat without even having a clue. You complain of adding extra pounds without knowing why. Well, have a look at the following to see what you are doing wrong.

Are you eating extra for exercise? 

Just because you ran a marathon or work out in the gym does not mean you need to go on food comma. Eating extra because you are exercising not only make you fat, renders the effort you put in worthless. The purpose of working out or engaging in any form of exercise is to keep fit, putting in double of the calories you burn right back would only make you fat. Continue reading “10 Things you do that make you fat without you knowing.”

What happens to your body during fasting.

With fasting comes bad breath, weakness, tiredness, hunger, resilience and endurance.  Fasting is the bedrock to high spirituality. Apart from spiritual benefits, fasting is great for you and these are few scientific proofs on the impact of fasting on your body.

Fasting detoxifies your whole body. The tiredness, bad breath, headaches, dizziness, and hunger tell tales of the cleansing taking place inside of you. Fasting clears off the toxins. Fasting makes you whole again and it effortlessly repairs damages in your body without your knowledge.

Breakdown of fatty acids
Fats are composed of transformed fatty acids. During fasting, these fatty acids are broken down. The body burns stored up sugar for energy. The unused fat got used up. You are more likely to lose weight while burning the stored up fat when you fast. You might experience boil or pimples, this happens when the body is being scrubbed clean and all the bad rancid oils are sent packing. You may also feel pain in your joints, this is due to the reconstruction of tissues and breaking down of unwanted fatty acids. Continue reading “What happens to your body during fasting.”

Exercise regimens for Weight Loss

The Exercise for fat burning.
Exercise is not only good for weight loss. It is good for general lifestyle. It helps boost immunity and sustain a good mental health. The truth is if you want to lose weight, you need to include exercise as part of the routine you have in place.
There are easy and enjoyable ways to achieve your weight loss goals. Following a simple exercise routine is crucial. Remember, the watchword is CONSISTENCY.
The following regimens have been scientifically proven to aid weight loss, help with stability and general fitness. To gain the benefit of the following regimens, exercise for at least  20 minutes per session, you also need to exercise three times (minimum) in a week and keep hydrated. Continue reading “Exercise regimens for Weight Loss”

How to lose weight the right way.

Calories counting needs a bit of arithmetic, some people find it easy to adjust to while other just couldn’t get hang of it. I would not be going fully into what to eat or not what to eat. However, to lose extra fat you need determination. You need to be determined to set a GOAL and work to ACHIEVE the GOAL set. You also need a TIME scale.

Before you consider embarking on any weight loss journey, think about these three words GOAL, ACHIEVE and TIME. Ask yourself what the GOAL of the journey you want to embark on is all about.You need to be determined enough to set your GOALS and ACHIEVE the goals. The TIME required is personal and the amount of work you put in will determine the result.

What you need to do. Continue reading “How to lose weight the right way.”

Barley Water: Drink for weight loss


Barley is a plant-based food and it is one of the foods everyone needs to include in their diet. It is not only good for weight loss, it is good for general well-being. Barley contains high insoluble fiber which is very good for the body functionality. Barley is a whole grain which is an important source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are not found in refined or “enriched” grains. Including whole grain in your diet as part of weight loss program has proven to help in sustaining a healthy weight. Barley has also been proven to promote healthy complexion and hair growth. Continue reading “Barley Water: Drink for weight loss”