About Sherryfah. An unprecedented discovery.

Beauty is a word I cherish and my blog is about my discovery in the journey of life. It is about love, about beauty and about the world we all live in. It is all about the pieces I picked while treading the path to parenthood, the knowledge gained through relationship, the taste I found while exploring the world of food and the style of living and the many beauties of nature. This is my journey to discovery. It is about creativity. It is about learning and sharing of what has been learnt.

This blog is all about the many thoughts in my little world. The lifestyle of giving, living, surviving and existing.

I  am obsessed with cooking. I also enjoy making other stuff. Somehow, I managed to turn these obsessions into business. Take a look at these websites for clues http://www.sherrysfood.com and http://www.hubblove.co.uk