10 things your kids will always remember.

My childhood experience remains the best part of growing up. I relate a lot to this chapter of my life. It was filled with laughter, exploration, creativity, imagination and pure childhood innocence.

As a growing child, I never knew I was picking up important tools for the future. Tools that strengthen the foundation of growth, nurture and love. Tools that strengthen the bond between childhood and adulthood and everything in-between.

In our busy and modern world, we often forget the importance of growth, the necessary tools needed to help our children grow, not just physical growth, but, the emotional and spiritual growth. The link between the past and the future.

Here are few things your children will always remember as they climb the ladder of growth.

1. Reading

Reading to your children not only develop the love of books, it strengthens the love between you and your kids. Books create an atmosphere where the listener and the reader becomes one. The stories come alive and inscribed to both the readers’ and listeners’ memories. Create a world where your children will look back and say, ” I read that book with mum” or ” I remember when my parents take turns to read to me”.

2. Tell your children you love them every day.

Expressing the love you have for your children not only reassured them of the special kind of love you share, it makes them whole. They will always remember you and the love you express. Be verbal when expressing your love with your children.

3.Playing with your children

Playing is another important memory booster. Children remember the tickles, the songs you sang together. Play with your children. Crack some silly jokes. Laugh with them and they will always remember the precious moments you shared.

4.  Eat together.

Sharing a meal is important. When you share a meal, when you sit around a table, when you eat together, you not only creating a memorable moment but also teaching manners. Children will always remember what they used to eat and where mum or dad used to sit. They will remember you and all the love showered on them.

5.Listening to your children

Listening to your children is necessary for this busy world we create for ourselves. When your children talk, it is important for you to listen. Listening to every big and little stuff they say matter. When your children know that you listen, they have the confidence to come up to you and tell you anything. Listening is paying full attention to what your children are saying, listening is reassuring them, listening is knowing when not to judge, listening is having the time whenever they talk. When you listen, your children trust you and when they trust you, the future is beautiful.

6. Having a routine/ family tradition 

This is also an important aspect of a beautiful upbringing.  With routines, ordinary things could be extraordinary. Family traditions could be anything. Build up a tradition the children will remember forever.

7.Praising your children

Praising your children is another important factor. Don’t wait till they top their class or for school awards. Praise them for little things. Praise them for tidying up their rooms, for putting the plates away, for listening, for going to bed at the right time, for helping with the chores. Praise them and let them feel loved.

8. Cuddles.

The truth about cuddling is that we all need it. Cuddling is a way to let your children know you love them without saying a word. Cuddles and hugs are symbols of reassurance and protection. No matter the age of your children, love them, cuddle them, embrace them, kiss them and you give them a gift of life.

9.Talk to your children

Don’t wait until they come to you. Tell them how your day went, ask them about their day, ask questions about what they are thinking, talk about the movie they have seen, talk about the books they read, ask questions and learn to communicate constructively.

10.Explore the world together.

Help your children understand the world they live in. Help them to be deep thinkers. Help your kids solve puzzles of this ever-changing world. Help them enjoy their childhood. Grow with them and be a friend like no other.

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  1. Sincerely I have been loosing track of these points you highlighted of good parenting but thank God your write up is a wake up call for me most especially in my situation, thanks for the reminder I love it, nice one

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