10 Simple Ways to Develop Self Love

It is easier to get lost in the world without any emotion to self. Self-love is not selfish. Falling in love with yourself makes it easy to care for everything else around you. Practicing self-love unleashes your true potential, you develop the gift the world demands from you. True self-love transform lives. Self-love is not cowardice rather, it is an element which holds it all, it is a connection to all other emotions.

Here are few ways to fall madly in love with yourself.

1. Practice self-care. Caring for yourself is not expensive. Take time to rest if you are tired. Listen to the tune of your body.  Have a good sleep. Eat in moderation. Exercise. Live healthily.

2. Make yourself a priority once every week. Ditch chores and concentrate on your personal needs. This might be an afternoon nap. A quick run in the park. A quick shout out to family and friends. A well deserves soak. A date with an old friend or just anything that makes you unwind and refresh.

3. Shun all form of negativity. Close all doors that lead to backbiting, gossiping, negative thoughts and all forms of down-talks. It is a very simple science, if you enjoy backbiting and gossips among friends, you will be the topic of gossip and backbite when the table turns.

4 Take time to spend some time with yourself. Turn off your phone and get off the internet. Practice solitude. Breathe and reflect on your life. Shun the world out every now and then and think about yourself. Think about what you need to do to be a better person, a good friend, a good member of your community. Think of everything that revolves around you.

Think of the best way to help yourself be who you really want to be. A time spent alone open door to greatness. Take time to connect with your inner self.

5. Practice gratitude. Stop focusing on your failures. Think about things you are grateful for. Write down what you are grateful for at the end of each day. Appreciate now and dwell on the possibilities.

6. Work on achieving a goal. This does not have to be a huge one. It might be going to bed early. It might be having a healthy lunch. It might be anything. Be realistic with yourself. Forgive yourself. Dream and work towards achieving it.

7. Give and share. Give to the less privilege. Smile. Help out in whatever way you can. Feed the birds. Share your love. Give out. Give for no reason at all. 

8.Learn to forgive. This might be ‘a tough order’, but, it is achievable. You know where it hurts the most, concentrate less on the event. Try not to overthink. Live your life, but, stop living in the past.

9. Learn something new. Something out of the usual. Learn and cook a new dish. Plant a flower from seed and watch it blossom. Take a walk in the rain. Explore nature. Read a good book. Learn about other cultures. Travel the world.

10. You cannot please everyone in your life. Be fair and firm, but, avoid putting yourself down.



6 Replies to “10 Simple Ways to Develop Self Love”

  1. Beautiful and inspiring thing to read on my desk on a Monday morning. I am a supporter of goodness and thus, I will send another invitation to have you guys around me.

    I want to know Sherryfah.

    May the blessing from the Heavens be in this and all you do.


  2. Self-love opens the door to self-esteem and true love for others. You can only give what you have, ….. thanks for sharing.

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